joyous rides....epilogue

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joyous rides....epilogue Empty joyous rides....epilogue

Post  abstruse roots on Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:16 am

one day after halloween...
mr unclean...
my locs got that bounce and that natural sheen
it's my favorite time of the year
ice cold beer and leaves that are brown not green
remembering last night and the delicious drawn out screams
like a thousand banshee's locked in a never ending dream
sue knew just what to do when daddy got mean
u know what i mean?
when everything was said and done it was a pretty messy scene
the blood always rises to the top like cream
don't call me a fiend until u have walked in my shoes
spirits talk to me often...and often it's bad news
they whisper in my ear at have to pay ur dues
50 souls by december leaves me a couple more crews
oh look...lil sue gave me a bruise
feisty...just they way i like it
bargain basement never pricey
makes the meat naturally spicy
like cayenne pepper in ice t
i think i will go out again tonite
after a bite to see if anything entices me
another soul another trophy another priceless ring
a quarter past midnight is my thing....
abstruse roots
abstruse roots

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joyous rides....epilogue Empty Re: joyous rides....epilogue

Post  SunSet Rivers on Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:33 am

Damn, as I was reading this I totally forgot you are the Halloween Man, Mr. Cut off the that's priceless... You crazy for this one. Sounds like some straight James Patterson ish! I'm glad you are one of the good guys (crossing fingers!!).
SunSet Rivers
SunSet Rivers

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