joyous rides....prelude

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joyous rides....prelude Empty joyous rides....prelude

Post  abstruse roots on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:57 pm

after the blood has dried and the pleasurable ambiance has died
i change clothes and go on a joy ride
slide....and the drunk bat chants....slide
so i ride when the dark harkens my pride
my madness turns to sheer blood lust then subsides
i walk like jason with massive strides
and creep real slow when the black van drives
no need to need to hide
my experience is in skinning multiple hides
then eating the insides....
in my sight i see a lost soul drifting in the tides
so let me ebb...insectoids easily get tangled in my wet web
like this young and tender subdeb
walking in the rain all alone

*rolls down window*
"you look really wet, you need a ride home?"

"my moms is crazy so i have no home"
"she wouldn't let me have a boyfriend, i can't even have my own phone"

just then my pearly whites shone....

"jump in...i'll take you somewhere nice a dry...don't worry, i'm a nice guy"

she jumps in...

"hi, my name is susan, but you can call me sue"

i barely heard her speak...lost in thought thinking about all the things i was about to do.....

to be continued.....

abstruse roots
abstruse roots

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joyous rides....prelude Empty Re: joyous rides....prelude

Post  SunSet Rivers on Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:29 pm

Omg you sicko.....i swear this was like reading an episode of law and order special victims unit. I swear cannot wait til you finish
the story

SunSet Rivers
SunSet Rivers

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